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Scientists Develop "Pseudo Cell" Formulation for Vitreoretinal Disease Therapy

Researchers have developed a new "pseudo cell" formulation based on self-healing microcapsule-loading exosomes to treat diverse vitreoretinal diseases.


Researchers Realize Orientation Control of cMOF Nanofilms

Researchers proposed a strategy to grow 'face-on' and 'edge-on' conductive metal-organic frameworks nanofilms on substrates by controlling the "stand-up" behaviors of ligands on various surfaces to overcome the diffic...


Researchers Improve Efficiency in CO2 to CO Electroreduction

Researchers reported a strategy for boosting the CO faradaic efficiency in eCO2RR, an attractive option to address serious climate concerns and produce value-added chemical feedstock via coupling with renewable energies.

  • Jan-Christer Janson
  • Robin D. Rogers
  • Jan C.M. van Hest

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