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Single Proteins Under a Diamond Spotlight  
Proteins are the workhorse of life. They assemble the structural elements of the cell, catalyze metabolism, regulate cellular functions, and even transcribe and repair DNA. Many of the proteins' functions are related to their physical shape and conformations. For example, protein-folding problems...
Chinese Archeologists Find Oldest Remains of Processed Wheaten Food in Xinjiang  

  Chinese archeologists have found the oldest processed wheaten food remains ever unearthed in the country, indicating people ate bread-like food 2,600 to 2,900 years ago.
  Yang Yimin, associate professor with the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Thursday that his team ha...
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Research Progress
· Graphene/CdS Quantum Dots/Polyoxometalate Composite Films for E... [2015.01.30]
· Nitrogen-doped Graphdiyne as Metal-free Catalyst for High-perfo... [2015.01.29]
· Synthesis of Multi-shelled Manganese Oxide Hollow Microspheres ... [2015.01.16]
· New Development of Photobioreactor Culture Systems for Analysis... [2014.12.30]
· New Protocells Nanoengineered by Protein-Based Spontaneous Orga... [2014.12.26]
· Mechanistic Studies for Monodisperse exenatide-Loaded PLGA [2014.12.09]
Int'l Cooperation News
·Agreement on the Joint-Supervisor PhD Degree Project Signed betwe... [2014.05.08]
·Eight foreign scientists win Chinese sci-tech awards [2014.01.14]
·Hunt is on for China experts [2013.12.16]
·China, ROK cyberspace cooperation urged [2013.12.11]
·French PM urges greater nuclear co-op with China [2013.12.10]
·UK, China Fund Collaborative Synthetic Biology Studies [2013.10.21]
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