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  • Vacancies at Mesoscience Center

    I. About Us 

    Mesoscience is considered as a general approach to tackle various complex systems in the real world with an unprecedented future. Successful models have been established in systems such as gas–solid fluidization, gas–liquid bubbly flows, and turbulent flows by making compromise between the competing mechanisms involved as mathematical multi-objective variational problems. There is an increasing amount of evidence for the applicability of the same principle in other systems such as granular flow, reaction–diffusion systems, and bio-macromolecules. Models and simulation methods based on this principle have shown great value in the design, optimization, and modulation of industrial processes and engineering. This promising field deserves much more awareness and attention from the scientific community for future development. 

    The Mesoscience Center, located at the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), supported by CAS and the Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST), now is seeking candidates focusing on the research and case studies of Mesoscience related fields. Topic may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

    Climate modeling, energy storage, material, CO2 cycle, granular flow mechanics, catalysis, multi-objective optimization/variation, reaction kinetics, reactor scale-up, protein dynamic structure, interfacial phenomenon, transition of metal to insulator, plasma-assisted process, cognitive science, and so on. 

    Details can be found in the following:  

    Editorial: J. Li, 2017, Mesoscale spatiotemporal structures: Opportunities from challenges, National Science Review, 4(6): 787. 

    Review on Mesoscale and Mesoscience: J. Li, W. Huang, 2018, From multiscale to mesoscience: Addressing mesoscales in mesoregimes of different levels, Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 9: 41-60.


    II.Position Description 

    1.Visiting Professor 


    a) Work out strategic plans and staged development goals for Mesoscience related fields  
    b) Cultivate young academic talents
    c) Lead a team or individual undertake the specific Mesoscience projects
    d) Assist in writing the Annual Report of Mesoscience 


    a) Professorship or equivalent positions in prestigious overseas universities, world-renowned scientific research institutions or enterprises 
    b) Know well the development trend of Mesoscience related fields with long-term strategic visions, having wide expertise and all-round application abilities, being able to build an international cooperation platform in Mesoscience related fields  

    2.Visiting Researchers  


    a) Carry out cooperative projects in Mesoscience related fields  
    b) Work at IPE for at least 2 months 


    a) Be an assistant professor or associate professor 
    b) Have worked in a well-known university or research institution 
    c) Be healthy and not more than 50 years old 

    3.Postdoctoral Researchers 


    a) Conduct research in Mesoscience related fields
    b) Work at IPE for at least 1-2 years 


    a) Hold a PhD in natural and technology sciences, having worked in Mesoscience related fields would be an advantage 
    b) Be healthy and not more than 40 years old 

    III. Benefits 

    We offer internationally competitive benefits, ample start-up resources for equipment and personnel. Salaries are about ¥40000 for visiting professor, ¥20000 for visiting researchers and ¥15000 for postdoctoral researchers per month respectively, plus round trip flight ticket subsidy.  

    We are located in one of the most international and dynamic living environments in Beijing, the Haidian District, around Peking University, Tsinghua University and the Summer Palace. 

    IV. Documents for Application 

    1. Applicants can apply by sending e-mail to All documents will be treated confidentially. 

    2. The applicants should provide the following files in the e-mail: 

    a) Curriculum vitae, including full publication list
    b) Research interests and a statement of research plan 
    c) Copies of three representative publications 
    d) Three reference letters 
    e) Other materials that the applicants consider as important ones 



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