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Upcoming Events


  • Lecture: Building Models with High Performance Computing

    Speaker:Richard Catlow
                       Foreign Secretary and Vice-President, The Royal Society
                       Department of Chemistry, University College London; School of Chemistry, Cardiff University, UK  

    Date and Time:10:30, May 22nd 2019 

    VenueMultifunction Hall, IPE Building 


    Model building is one of the oldest human and scientific activities. Scientists have always built and used models to help us understand our world and our universe. Models can help us comprehend things that are unimaginably large, such as galaxies and unimaginably small such as atoms and molecules; and models can help us make predictions and test out theories. Over the last few decades, the growth of high performance computing has resulted in an exceptionally powerful range of model building tools and computer modelling is now used in almost all scientific disciplines. The lecture will highlight some of the key application areas, including cosmological modelling, simulating the formation of galaxies and stars; global modelling including climate and ocean circulation; modelling in Engineering and in Medicine; and modelling at the atomic and molecular scale including some of the work of the lecturer’s team on modelling of materials and catalysts. The lecture will conclude by looking forward to the future of this exciting and rapidly developing field. 


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