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IPE Talent Program-Category A Recruitment
Time: 2017-11-10
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Academic Leader in Green Process/Virtual Process Fields

Position Description
ⅠJob Title
Academic leader in Green Process/Virtual Process Fields
1. Work out strategic plans and staged development goals for green process/virtual process fields
2. Lead the whole team to win and undertake major national and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) programs
3. Develop a qualified academic team of certain scale in green process/virtual process fields and cultivate a batch of young academic talents
4. Assist the Research Division Leader to deal with other work
Ⅲ Qualifications
1. Experts or scholars with a Chinese nationality or a foreign nationality, healthy and willing to work for a long time in Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), CAS, not more than 45 years old
2. Work experiences: professorship or equivalent positions in prestigious overseas universities, world-renowned scientific research institutions or enterprises
3. Having achieved high academic attainments in green process/virtual process fields, of some influence in the academic circle at home and abroad or widely recognized by the international community for the world-level research outcomes
4. Know well the development trend of green process/virtual process fields with long-term strategic visions; energetic, having wonderful leadership and team-organizing skills, being able to lead a team for conducting researches at world scientific and technological front edge and achieving world-leading innovation outcomes; having wide expertise and all-round application abilities, ideologically correct, being able to build a wide international cooperation platform for IPE’s development in these fields with a pioneering spirit
5. Abide by science morality, with good academic conducts and teamwork spirit, proficient in organization and coordination work
6. Be able to do full time work in IPE if recruited
Ⅳ Benefits
For the benefits related to the allocation of office and scientific research rooms, Ph.D candidates and master degree candidates enrollment, research assistant staffing, salary, allowances and welfare, please refer to the current relevant regulations of CAS and IPECAS.
ⅤApplication Procedures
1. The applicants who meet all above-mentioned requirements can apply by sending e-mail since this recruitment notice is released. The deadline of application keeps in line with that of CAS.
2. The applicants should provide the following materials in the e-mail:
(1) A personal CV covering the applicant’s achievements and plans for the work and team-building in the future(within 3000 words);
(2) Recommendation letters by three influential scientists in these fields(handwritten signatures, which are scanned and sent to zhaopin@ipe.ac.cn by e-mail are preferred);
(3) Proof materials of employment in foreign countries;
(4) Proof materials of typical outcomes;
(5) Certificate of Doctor’s Graduation and Certificate of the Doctor’s Degree;
(6) Other materials that the applicants consider as important ones

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International Cooperation Office, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, P. R. China. 
E-mail: pyuan@ipe.ac.cn 


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