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About Us


Established on October 1, 1958, the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) (formerly the Institute of Chemical Metallurgy) proposed using chemical engineering theories to strengthen metallurgical processes, thus making important contributions to the metallurgical industry. With the development of the times, the Institute has extended its research scope into such fields as energy chemical industry, biochemical engineering, material chemical industry, resources/environment engineering, etc. In 2001, the Institute of Chemical Metallurgy was renamed the Institute of Process Engineering, which is a historic leap from focusing on chemical metallurgy to becoming a leader in process engineering…

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The year 2021 marks the beginning of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan period, during which China is at a crucial stage for tackling key problems in science and technology. With its mission firmly in mind, the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) has been pressing ahead vigorously to continually keep abreast of latest developments in related fields.


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