• National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (Beijing)

    National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (Beijing) (NERCB-Beijing) is approved by the Ministry of science and technology according to the national needs of biotechnology industrialization research. It is a product incubator of biotechnology upstream achievements, which carries out radiation of the key and common engineering technologies, provides key technologies and one-stop services for enterprises, provides the information and consulting services for biotechnology industrialization, and cultivates the scientific and technological business management talents.

    NERCB-Beijing focuses on the key engineering technology in biotechnology transformation, breaks through the bottleneck of engineering science and technology in industrialization, and closely focuses on their applications in energy, resources, bio-medicine and other industries in the national economic construction. The main research directions are as follows.

    1. Biopharmaceutical chromatographic separation engineering: to solve the major demand of China's biopharmaceutical (vaccine in recent five years) separation and purification media and technology relying on imports, the low quality problems and the low international competitiveness.

    2. Bioformulation engineering: to solve the key problems of countries and industries, such as the short half-life of biological drugs, poor targeting of anti-tumor drugs, the existing release and modification technology of formulation relying on foreign countries, and the uneven particle size, low degree of repetitive preparation and automation during bioformulation.

    3. Biochemical membrane separation engineering: to solve the problem of China's high-end membrane separation materials relying on foreign countries, and the significant demand for dealing membrane pollution, low selectivity, and high energy consumption.

    4. Biochemical reaction engineering: in view of the major needs of industries such as low concentration of materials, large amount of wastewater discharge and serious pollution in China's fermentation industry, the high-efficiency reactors, processes and equipment of high concentration reaction system and solid-state fermentation system are studied. In order to solve the problem of environmental pollution, the integrated technology of biological and chemical treatment is developed.

    5. Integration of biomass refining process: Aiming at the problems of high cost of biomass refining, non-environmental pretreatment and difficulty to obtain economic benefits, the biomass pretreatment technology, solid-state fermentation technology and multi-objective product are integrated for building the biomass refining production lines with different products as target.


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