Director Zhang Suojiang

    The year 2021 marks the beginning of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan period, during which China is at a crucial stage for tackling key problems in science and technology. With its mission firmly in mind, the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) has been pressing ahead vigorously to continually keep abreast of latest developments in related fields.

    The past year has been a year of reforms with keen determination. IPE has actively participated in drawing up the action plan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and especially it has identified the direction of industrial process reengineering. It has promoted the reorganization of scientific research system and created a new model of scientific research organization directed by the major tasks. It has proposed the plans for establishing the national key laboratories of “Mesoscience and Low Carbon Process” and “Biochemical Engineering Science”, and the National Engineering Research Center for Green Recycling of Metal Resources is included by the National Development and Reform Commission in the first batch of new-sequence research centers. IPE has steadily promoted green and low-carbon key technologies, and its six achievements appeared in the National “Thirteenth Five-Year” Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements. It has made breakthroughs in commercial software in mesoscience, and several demonstrative projects have been successfully launched. It has won 24 major science and technology awards throughout the year, among which the multi-process and multi-pollutant ultra-low emission control technology and its application in the steel industry won the second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

    The past year has been a year of rapid progress. By relying on the advantage of CAS as an integrated system consisting of research institutes, IPE has attracted a number of top-notch talents, 1 academician of the CAS was elected, and 17 talents were recruited. IPE has promoted the reform of evaluation and appointment of professional and technical posts, with 137 technical professionals having been promoted. The principle parts of some major basic research and innovation platforms have been constructed, including the Technology Innovation Platform for Green Transformation of Resource and Energy, the Virtual Research and Development Platform for Material Conversion Process, and the Cross Research Platform for Mesoscience and Engineering Simulation. The Zhongguancun Park, the Langfang Engineering Base and the Huairou Center will form a synergy to support low-carbon and green development of the process industry.

     The carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals are urging technology revolution in energy and other industries, thus the process industry is expected to usher in a period of great development. IPE is striving to make technological breakthroughs and carrying out basic research in mesoscience, low carbon energy, resources, green chemical, high-end materials, bio-pharmaceutical and other fields.

    On this occasion when we bid farewell to 2021 and usher in 2022, on behalf of the leadership of IPE, I would like to extend my sincerest greetings and heartfelt thanks to all employees, students, retired fellows and their families, as well as to people from all walks of life that have provided potent support for the development of the Institute.

    Our efforts will eventually be rewarded with fruitful results in the future. In the new year, IPE will march forward firmly and courageously, and work harder together to make our dreams come true. As a poet wrote, “Everyone has to experience storms. As long as you rise above it, you will see a clear moon.” On the road ahead, all our efforts will never fail us. To be worthy of our times, we still need to forge ahead side by side for a better future!


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