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Address from the Director
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Address from the Director






   Prof.  Suojiang Zhang 


   Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The year 2016 was a crucial year for continuing to implement CAS “Innovation 2020” and “1-3-5 program”. Over the past year, we fully carried out the guiding principles of the Party’s Eighteenth National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, implemented the strategy of making development more innovation-driven, greatly promoted reform, innovation and development of IPE. Achievements of all the work were made. We owed them to the concerted efforts and arduous work of all IPE staff.

Science and technology innovation results were achieved. Meso-scale science research project, the first major research project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in the field of chemical industry was launched, laying a solid foundation for process engineering development and was applied in the pyrolysis of low-tank coal. Breakthroughs were made on the high-efficiency cleaner technology of minerals resources. Several major demonstration projects were established. Progress was made in key biochemical equipment/system and new drugs. Research on the new drugs was supported by the major program of the Ministry of Science and Technology. We made research achievements in the areas of coal pyrolysis, biological process intensification and integration, surface scientific and green separation engineering, unconventional medium catalytic and process energy saving and chemistry of functional materials. IPE applied 973 programs successfully in two consecutive years. Many national and provincial awards were achieved, the amount of patents and publications were ranked top. The core competitiveness and influences of IPE was continuously enhanced.

We implemented the strategy of making IPE strong through training competent personnel. IPE always attaches great importance both to the talents training and introducing. Many professors were selected to National Outstanding Young Program and Fund of National Excellent Young Program. We have attracted quite a few people from 1000 talents Program, 1000 Youth talents Program and 100 talents Program. Organization for stimulate youth to innovation was found and the corresponding regulation was set. IPE has selected 9 as the first plenary organization member. System for post promotion was improved including exceptional promotion for associate professor and adding evaluation process to provide a good platform for employees’ career development. We actively explore new mode for innovation team building and management system. The first discipline “Materials Science and Engineering” was reviewed and the doctor discipline “Applied Chemistry” was appraised. IPE has recruited 20 foreign students in 2016 and the education quality of postgraduate grew steadily.

Culture better served the scientific research work. IPE earnestly carried out the spirit of the Party’s Eighteenth National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee. We deeply implemented a "mass line" campaign and upheld the spirit of scientists of the older generation to connect the party construction and scientific research work and helped unit the workers as one family.

The year 2017 is a year with opportunity and challenge. In 2017, we will implement the overall of CAS Four Leading Areas, concentrate on the scientific research transform, further boost the innovation 2020 and 1-3-5 program. We are still follow the concept of “openness, innovation and development” to explore innovateive scientific modes and proper personnel training system, as well as bring more benefits for our staffs. We strive to make contribution on building innovative country and moderately prosperous society.

The achievements were made by all the staffs’ hard work and dedication, as well as the help and assistance from all sectors of society. Herein, I would like to express my warmest appreciation and best wishes to all of you.


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