Research Platforms

  • Innovation Academy for Green Manufacture, CAS

    In order to build a green technology innovation system and promote high-quality economic development, CAS decided in January 2019 to establish the Innovation Academy for Green Manufacturing (IAGM) under the Institute of Process Engineering, while also utilizing the strength of CAS's outstanding research team. IAGM is committed to the green development of process manufacturing. It has developed mesoscience theories, virtual design methods and transformational green process technologies. It has also promoted integrated research on technology, process/equipment and systems. IAGM will work to produce process technologies that attain global leadership in the areas of economic and green development. It will also support development in fields such as resources, environment and energy, becoming a key force in the reform of green manufacturing in China. I propose using an abbreviation rather than the word "academy," since it could be confused with the larger Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is a retranslation and I may have introduced some errors.


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