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Integrated Cleaner Production Technology for Hydrometallurgical Processes
Time: 2009-06-30
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  With great improvement of resource utilization efficiency, remarkable reduction of energy consumption, and zero emission of chromiumcontaining residues, the cleaner production process and integrated industrial technology for chromium compounds were initially developed in the world.The new reaction system with Sub-Molten Salt medium maximized the atom economy of the reaction. With the decrease in reaction temperature from 1200to 300and the achievement of zero emission and energy consumption reduction, an originally innovative Sub-Molten Salt technical platform was constructed, and the global serious environmental pollution problems in chromate production industries resolved. The cleaner production technology with Sub-Molten Salt medium is expected to evolve a universal platform technology and theoretical system for processing various amphoteric metal resources including Cr, Al, Ti, V, Nb, Ta, W and Mo, and will play an innovative and leading role in circular economy of process industries in China. The corresponding achievements were granted the National Technical Invention Award (second-class) in 2005.

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