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China issues plan to promote 'three-network convergence'
Time: 2015-09-04
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BEIJING - China's State Council released a plan on Friday promoting a nationwide project to deliver telecom, radio, television and Internet services over a single broadband connection.

The "three-network convergence" project is aimed at integrating data transmission infrastructure and facilitating information sharing, according to the plan.

"The project can help upgrade consumption, overhaul industrial structure and improve people's livelihood," said the document.

Radio and television stations are allowed to operate phone call and Internet services. Telecom companies are allowed to make radio and television programs, except for political news.

The "two-way" entry to each other's business will be implemented in a gradual way, said the plan.

Optical fiber will replace copper wires so that Internet speed and transmission capacity will be improved. Internet bandwidth will be increased, especially in rural areas.

The plan asked enterprises to safeguard cyber security and "cultural security", by enhancing the ability to ward off hacking, information tampering, radio and television program interruption and attempts to paralyze Internet services in China.

China will promote the development of digital publishing, interactive new media and mobile multi-media, and encourage the consumption of animation, games, digital music and online artworks.

The government will also support the research and development of key equipment needed to converge the three networks.


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