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Outline of development centre of process engineering in IPE
Time: 2009-07-21
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    As a key unite of scientific research and new technology development, the development centre of process engineering (DCPE) pays its main attention to develop new technologies needed by industries around China especially to invent new practical and advanced technologies of pollutant decreasing and waste recycling, which will be applied in energy industries, materials manufacture and chemicals as well as mineral process.

There are six research groups in DCPE. And under the leadership of IPE, Dr. Jianbin hui, the director of DCPE, and all of the six R&D groups which were leaded separately by prof. Yuan fangli, professor Ma bing, professor Huwanqi, professor Wu zhichun, professor Zhu tingyu, and Professor Hui jianbin, hope to cooperate with you and your industries and make wonderful progress in increasing your profits and enhancing our science and technology servicing ability . 

Function of DCPE:

According to the development strategy of IPE in the next few years, the function of this centre falls into two parts: one is to encourage research groups in DCPE to cooperate with  companies/industries in China for solving pollution problems caused by gas wastes, liquid wastes or solid wastes or invent new process methods and equipments which strongly need in the process of production, and the other is to training educated students or staffs from industries or companies to work together with research groups in IPE in order to commercial our scientific results or help cooperators to system integration of technologies. 

Highlights of DCPE:

In DCPE, all the staffs are smart and intelligent. And many wonderful matured research results were invented and systemly integrated as well as used and highly appraised by government or companies. For example: we can large-cale synthesis and production nano-sized particles of ZnO, ZrO2, NiO and other metal oxides by plasma technology, and a sets of construction new desulfate technology is invented and applied by some coal fired power plants in China, an easy and economic new technology were formed for Purifying chemical Sewage, and a new matured technology to utilize waste printed circuit board and batteries with zero pollution were also invented .  

Major Areas and Research Directions of DCPE:

In a word, the major research area at DCPE fall into four parts: new technology of utilization of solid wastes with complicate compositions, new technology to synthesize nanomaterials or powders with micro-sizes, new recycling technology of waste electrical and electrics equipments, new technology of gas pollutants treatment and so on.

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