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Time: 2009-06-12
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State Key Laboratory of Multi-phase Complex System
  Mooson Kwauk Professor(Emeritus) Member of CAS  
  Jinghai Li Professor Member of CAS  
  Hongzhong Li Professor Member of CAS


  Suojiang Zhang Professor Member of CAS  
  Weigang Lin Professor    
  Zhangfu Yuan Professor    
  Qingshan Zhu Professor    
  Yunfa Chen Professor    
  Jianzhong Yao Professor    
  Yusheng Xie Professor    
  Zhancheng Guo Professor    
  Li Guo Professor    
  Weigang Zhang Professor    
  Dan Wang Professor    
  Xuchen Lu Professor    
  Shufeng Ye Professor    
  Xiaoxia Li Professor    
  Shiqiu Gao Professor    
  Wei Ge Professor    
  Guangwen Xu Professor    
  Fangli Yuan Professor    

Xiangping Zhang

  Zhaohui Xie Professor    
  Wen Hao Professor    
  Qiangqiang Tan Professor    
  Wenli Song Professor    
  Wei Wang Professor  


  Fabing Su Professor  


  Yongping Zhu Professor    
  Yongsheng Han Professor    
  Ning Yang Professor    
State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering
  Zhiguo Su Professor    
  Guanghui Ma Professor    
  Hongzhang Chen Professor    
  Wei Cong Professor    
  Chunchao Liu Professor    
  Yinhua Wan Professor    
  Bing Zhao Professor    
  Ping Wang Professor    
  Yuchun Wang Professor    
  Baozhen Song Professor    
  Jianmin Xing Professor    
  Xiaoyong Zhang Professor    
  Tao Hu Professor    
  Ping Wang Professor    
  Lan Wang Professor    
Key Laboratory of Green Process and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jiayong Chen Professor(Emeritus) Member of CAS  
  Yi Zhang


Member of CAE  
  Huizhou Liu Professor    
  Lizhu Lu Professor    
  Tao Qi Professor    
  Zhibao Li Professor    
  Chao Yang Professor    
  Huiquan Li Professor    
  Zaisha Mao Professor    
  Shili Zheng Professor    
  Xingmei lv Professor    
  ChenGuo Professor    
Developmnet Center for Process Engineering
Tingyu Zhu Professor    
Administrative Organization
  Xin Xiao Professor    
  Xuegang Dai Professor

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