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Lecture from Prof. Fautrelle Yves Roger
Time: 2017-10-16
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Speaker: Prof. Fautrelle Yves Roger

Date and Time: 14:00-15:00pm, October 18, 2017

Venue: Meeting Room 506, IPE Building

Title:Multiphase Electromagnetic Stirring of Low Conducting Liquids

In this paper a multiphase inductive system, able to stir the low conducting liquids like electrolytes or molten oxides, is presented. This system is based on the extrapolation,?at high frequency, of the well known 50 (or 60) Hertz single phase asynchronous motor (SPAM) principle.?At first a description of the multiphase inductor is made. Then the electrical working conditions including the resonance frequency determination resulting from the connection to the generator are explained. Then, an experimental pilot for the stirring of salt water is presented with an associated numerical modelling showing the calculated stirring velocities. At last the first results of the real working of the pilot are given, showing that the electromagnetic stirring effects may be either additive or subtractive with the thermoconvective effects.

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