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World's Top Computational Scientists Coming to Beijing in December 2011 for NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference
Time: 2011-09-15
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Conference to Feature Presentations by Experts on How GPUs Are Revolutionizing Medicine, Engineering and Other Critical Fields

NVIDIA  today (Editor's Note: Aug 29) announced the dates and venue for "GTC Asia," the next major event in NVIDIA's international series of GPU Technology Conference (GTC) events, which focus on the latest advances and research in science, academic and commercial fields enabled by GPU computing.

GTC Asia, which will take place at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on Dec. 14-15, builds on the success of recent GTC events in Israel, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan, which drew thousands of attendees across a broad range of industries and disciplines.

The comprehensive two-day agenda will include keynotes, roundtable discussions, presentations, an emerging companies summit, academic posters, tutorials, and more than 60 instructional sessions. The sessions, which will be conducted in both Chinese and English, are intended for developers, programmers and research scientists working on complex computational problems by harnessing the power of GPUs.

Highlights of GTC Asia include: 

     --  Workshop on exascale computing, featuring Chinese Academy of Sciences
       Institute of Process Engineering
     --  Session on parallel computing for biomedical and bioinformatics
       science, featuring the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)
     --  Sessions on the role of GPUs in accelerating the search for hidden oil
"Exascale computing is the next frontier to tackle to enable future advances in virtually all areas of science," said Professor Wei Ge, Institute of Process Engineering at Chinese Academy of Sciences. "To achieve this worthy goal, worldwide collaboration on driving higher levels of computing performance is needed. GTC brings together the key researchers, academics and technologists to help make this goal a reality."

"GPU computing has the potential to dramatically increase the pace and breadth of innovation possible in the genomics field," said Mr. Wang Bingqiang, Head of High Performance Computing Applications at the Beijing Genomics Institute. "From genetic mapping to DNA sequencing, having an order of magnitude more performance to apply to the latest research projects will empower researchers and scientists to make next-generation breakthroughs that until now have been impossible to achieve."

GTC Asia will attract experts and innovators across the entire GPU computing ecosystem, from engineers, researchers and developers who use GPUs to tackle computational challenges, to solution providers who enable this innovation. Areas of research that will be covered at the conference include: computational research, supercomputing, energy exploration, climate and weather, nuclear/alternative energy, data analytics and finance, aerospace and automotive design, and the life sciences.

Sponsors for GTC Asia include ASUS, CAPS, Dell, Hynix, Leadtek, Lenovo, Supermicro, and The Portland Group (PGI).

For more information on the GTC Asia program agenda, please visit: http://www.gputechconf.cn/en/home.html . For more information about the China National Convention Center, please visit: www.cnccchina.com/en/ .

(Source: Marketwatch)

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