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Preparation of Quasi Nanometer Ceria Microsphere as Reference Materials for Particle Sizing
Time: 2009-10-26
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On Sept 16, 2009, Preparation of Quasi Nanometer Ceria Microsphere as Reference Materials for Particle Sizing, a project leaded by Professor Yunfa Chen, IPE, passed the research achievement appraisal of CAS Bureau of Basic Research. Their achievements were highly praised by the expert panel.

The panel, led by Professor Sixhen Xie, CAS member from CAS IPHY and Professor Yongzhi Han, from National Reference Materials Commission, reviewed the study report from the project group and user’s trial report and technical innovation report, drew conclusion as follows: the ceria microsphere prepared were well-shaped, particle size well distributed and stable. It can be used as certified reference materials for particle sizing for crystallized microsphere. It filled up the absence of reference materials for sizing the nanometer and sub-micron rare earth particles. The specifications of the 3 types of ceria microspheres proved that it would be the most advanced reference materials of particle sizing even in the international market. They were of high practical value to be promoted to the market. The panel suggested the application for national reference materials certificate and quick industrialization to meet the market demand.

Using controlled synthesis of monodisperse ceria microsphere by seeds-induced method, the project group got 3 sizes of quasi nanometer ceria microsphere without any screening. The relative errors are controlled with 5%, the synthesis process is viable and stable and innovative. The ceria microspheres prepared could be used as high precise abrasive medium for glass, crystal, chips and silicon slices, car emission purifier, glass decoloring agent, anti-UV agent, macromolecular heat resistant agent and reference materials for particle sizing, had very promising prospects in application.

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