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CAS Supercomputer Hits Top 10 of the New Green 500
Time: 2011-11-30
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Mole-8.5 supercomputer developed by the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPE-CAS) was on the top 10 list according to the latest Green 500 released on Nov. 18. China's supercomputer capacity has grown rapidly over the last decades, the Mole-8.5 is currently the sixth fastest computer in China but was the only one hit the top 10 in China.

Different from the Top 500 focusing on supercomputer capacity, the Green 500 provides rankings of the most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world. As supercomputers focusing on performance at any cost developed at a rapid growth in the world, vast power consumption and heat production have become serious problems in the society. To change the trend, the Green 500 list puts a premium on energy-efficient performance for sustainable supercomputing.

MFLOPS/W is used as the indicator to measure the energy efficient of supercomputers. As in the Green 500 list, Mole-8.5 supercomputer tops the list at 963.7 MFLOPS/W. Based on accumulations of multi-scale simulation and computation technologies for years, IPE researchers reduced the cost and improved energy efficiency by coupling calculating with CPU and GPU. They developed single precision and double precision high energy efficiency supercomputing systems in CAS.

More information about the latest Green 500 see: http://www.green500.org/lists/2011/11/top/list.php

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