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Book Launch of A Corpus of Professor Mooson Kwauk
Time: 2010-08-25
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  June 24, 2010, IPE, Beijing, on the 90th birthday of Professor Mooson Kwauk, Book Launch of a Corpus of Professor Moonson Kwauk and Workshop for Professor Kwauk’s academic thoughts grandly opened. The whole event was simple, solemn, pragmatic, focusing on academic issues. It is not only a full and systematic summary and sublimation of Professor Kwauk’s academic activities, but also pointing out the direction for process engineering and IPE.

  Professor Kwauk and his wife Ms Huijun Gui are presented the book launch and workshop. At beginning, Mr Dejun Zhou, chief of CAS Academician Bureau, read out the congratulation letter from Professor Yongxiang Lu, president of CAS. In his letter, President Lu highly appreciated Professor Kwauk’s contributions and achievements in fluidization researches, expressed his admiration on his innovative, his preciseness, his courage to explore and generous contributions, his care for the growth of the youth, his tirelessness in teaching. Professor Lu wished Professor Kwauk every happiness in his life, be healthy and longevity.

  Professor Suojiang Zhang, executive deputy director of IPE, praised Professor Kwauk as the trailblazer and foundation layer of fluidization theory and technology, a well-recognized chemical engineer in the world. Thinking, Practicing, Innovating—the corpus of Professor Kwauk is the portray of his untiring fights and glories for China science and technology, condensation of his academic thoughts and achievements, and sublimation of his decades’ thinking and practices and the essence of his wisdom for life and fruit of his painstaking labors and most of all, a precious gift to IPE and the whole academia and a rare dossier in process engineering. Professor Zhang reviewed Professor Kwauk’s marvelous achievements and great contributions to IPE. He called for the whole IPE, especially, the young generation, to learn from Professor Kwauk. In the end, Professor Zhang, on behalf of IPE management, all the staff and students, sent the highest regards to Professor Kwauk and wished him happy birthday and all the bests.

  Later, Professor Yong Jin, Professor Weiyang Fei, Professor Hesun Zhu, Professor Litian Shi, Professor Jiayong Chen and Professor Yi Zhang, respectively, recalled the days spending with Professor Kwauk. Everyone was moved by Professor Kwauk’s preciseness, persistence, his patriotism and great virtues.  

  Professor Kwauk expressed his thanks to the long time supports, helps and cares from the country, IPE, family. Friends and colleagues and shared the background and process of compiling his corpus. Professor Kwauk told us that one man’s capacity and time is limited, what he could provide is only a split second in time and one spot in the space. He hoped that his book could offer some references to the later generation. At last, Professor Kwauk wished the younger scientists would cherish the superior conditions and environments, down-to-earth, work harder to live up with the expectation from the country and people. 

  Professor Kwauk presented his books to the guests.

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