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Multiscale-2010 held in IPE
Time: 2010-08-21
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  June 12-13, 2010, IPE Building, Beijing-- 3rd International Conference on Multi-scale Structures and Systems (Multiscale-2010,http://www.multiscalesci.org)was held. About 200 experts, scholars and research fellows from China, UK, India, USA, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, Netherlands and Switzerland. CAS members presented at Multiscale 2010 were Professor Mooson Kwauk, Professor Jiayong Chen, Professor Jinghai LI, Professor Yi zhang, Professor Hongzhong Li of IPE, and Professor Yilong Bai of CAS IMECH, Professor Junzhi Cui of CAS AMSS, Professor Weiyang Fei of Tsinghua and Weikang Yuan of ECUST.

  CAS initiated International Conference on Multi-scale Structures and Systems in 2007 with INSA and RAE. The first and second conferences were held successfully in Beijing and Bengarulu, India. IPE organized Multiscale-2010. Professor Yongxiang Lu, president of CAS was the honorary chairman, Professor Jinghai Li as the chairman. NVIDIA, TOTAL and Unilever were the three sponsors.

  Multi-scale structure has been a common challenge for various fields of science and technology, from human made materials (e.g. foods, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods) to process engineering (e.g. chemicals processing, energy conversion, environmental engineering, bio-engineering, mineral processing).  Multiscale-2010 was devoted to recent advancement of modeling and simulation of multi-scale structures and systems. The 2-day conference covered 4 topics: Academic Perspective, Industrial Perspective, Modeling and Application, Many core and Parallel Computation.

  In the conference, IPE showed its new 1pflops multi-scale high performance distributed parallel computation system. 

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