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Research Center of Circular Economy Technology, Institute of Process Engineering,the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Time: 2009-07-31
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Director:Professor Huiquan Li

Academic Leader:Professor Zhang Yi (Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Vice-Director:Professor Shufeng Ye 
Professor Xiangping Zhang 

1.Introduction of research center

Circular economy is the new development trend in the field of resources and environment, which focus on “quantitative reduction, reuse, and resource”, and realize the new mode of coordination of resource-saving, environmental protection and economic development in the principle of technically feasible and economically reasonable. Technology innovation of circular economy involves subject cross of processing engineering, environmental engineering, bio-engineering, system optimization and industry ecology and so on. The key technologies of circular economy include green chemistry/chemical engineering and cleaner production, resource utilization of waste, industry ecology, integrated control of pollution, system optimization and integration

The establishment of research center of circular economy technology is based on the vital demands of innovation and development of national circular economy, approved by the work meeting of Institute of Process Engineering. The center is relying on the Institute of Processing Engineering.

The Institute of Processing Engineering relying on the national major projects, explored the common regularity of high-efficiency and cleaning utilization of recourses from molecular level, formed the major research directions as cleaning production of major resources, comprehensive utilization and pollution control of mass waste, environmental materials and air purification, desulfurization and denitration of coal-fired/sintered flue gas, emission reduction and resource utilization ofCO2, and construction of regional circular economy. The Institute of Processing Engineering reached a series of industrialization achievement, obtained multiple national awards and established the research system of circular economy that integrated resource-saving and environmental protection, including the source pollution reduction and cleaner production, recycling utilization of waste, integrated control of pollution. There are many engineering demonstrations are popularized and applied.

The research center are composed by high-level staff, including one member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, two members supported by the National Excellent Young Scientists fund, four members supported by One Hundred Person Project of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other professors and senior engineers. The center concentrates the excellent innovative researchers of circular economy in the Institute of Processes Engineering, has the ability of multidiscipline intersection, major original innovation, integration and tackling the key problem, which provide the talent guarantee for establishing the center as international advanced level base for research, development and popularization base of circular economy technology.

2. Tenet of Research Center

Research core:

Forming the major theory, technology system, research and development plantform of circular economy that has Chinese character and realizing large-scale popularization of  industrialization of circular economical technology.

Research direction:

Research and development, demonstration and extension of original innovated major technology of cleaner production for heavy pollution process.

Research and development, demonstration and extension of the key technology of energy-saving and environmental protection for the major industry as steel, chemical engineering, non-ferrous industry and light industry and so on.

Research and development, demonstration of prospective technology of circular economy as emission reduction of greenhouse gas.

Optimization, index system, technology integration, and regional demonstration that constructed by circular economy.

Research goals:

Establishment of the innovation ability for the key and common technology of circular economy in the whole process from research and development in lab, integrated demonstration, to transformation for industrialization; achievement of  circular economic results and engineering demonstrations which have important effect and influence; promotion of the large-scale development of circular economy in China.  

3. Research and Development

1. Cleaner production technology of heavy-pollution industry.

Concerning on the transformation and utilization of characteristic resources in China, we research and develop the new high-efficiency and cleaner transformation technology and process for low-grade mineral resources, oil and gas resources, biomass resources, establish the green industry chain for circular utilization of resources.

2.Recyclying utilization of solid waste

Concerning on the secondary resources as large-scale industrial solid waste, electronic waste, municipal solid waste and so on, we develop the research on recycling technology as high-efficiency green separation, value-increment of products, integrated control of pollution and so on, and establish engineering demonstration and technology system of large-scale  engineering demonstrations

3. Integration and demonstration of regional circular economy

Concerning on the coordinated development on the region of multi-industry agglomeration, we research and develop the key and common technology like regional material flow analysis and multi-objective evaluation, large-scale systems optimal integration and park design, regional multi-industry ecological link, form the new theory and methods for complicated ecological large-scale system design and quantitative evaluation, and establish circular economic / industrial ecological demonstration garden.  

     4. Representative results

Cleaner process and integration technology of chromium salt

Theory and method of green separation for metallurgical process with multi-component complex system.

Comprehensive utilization of all-components for straw cellulose

Basis and industrial application research of ionic liquid

Green degree and system integration of green process

Chemical reaction engineering characterization and quantitative amplification of complicated multiphase system

Anti-oxidization technology and engineering demonstration of high-temperature dynamic process of steel billet

Desulfurization technology and demonstration of 120m2sintering flue gas circulating fluidized bed

Recovery and resource utilization of CO2

Circular economy construction and demonstration of heavy-chemical industry region

Research and establishment of chemical and chemical engineering information search engine based on internet

Cleaner process and integration technology of chromium salt

ionic liquid and green integration

National demonstration of Circular economy in heavy-chemical industry city of Yima

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