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National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (Beijing) (Center)
Time: 2009-06-29
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As one of important aspects of process engineering, biochemical engineering is the key of bio-technology development, with the aim to develop the theory and technology of large-scale preparation of bio-products. It involves the processes of large-scale bio-culture, bio-catalysis, separation of bio-macromolecules or natural bio-molecules, preparation of chromatography media for modification and separation of bio-products, and encapsulation of drugs.
National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (Beijing) (Center) was established in 1996, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology in response to the development of biotechnology and bio-industry. It is based on the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and with National Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering in the Institute.
The main core technologies of the Center include technology of specialist reactor, separation and purification, chromatography media. Our Center has made breakthroughs in many fields including separation and purification of gene-engineered vaccine, preparation of bio-microsphere and microcapsule, novel large-scale solid-phase fermentation, and biocatalytic desulfurization. Multi-type collaborations are established between the Center and research institutes, universities, biotechnical companies to promote the development of biotechnology and the scale-up production of bio-products. The Center is now developing into scientific research base concerning with the academic study and application development of bio-product preparation process.
    Research core: industrialization of biochemical technology and products commercialization
Research direction: incubation of achievements developed in the State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering, including pilot-plant research and commercial applicant,
Research by contract in responding to the demands of company by utilizing core technologies the Center, including development of product, technology, equipment, and technique integration,
Training and technical service in responding to the demands of company by utilizing technique groups, instruments and facilities of the Center.
Research objective: industrialization of biochemical technology, commercialization of product, maximization of efficiency and profit, promotion of our international competition capability in biochemical technology industry.
The research team is predominantly composed of young, promising and outstanding researchers, three of them have been in the "The National Outstanding Young Talent Program", and five supported by "The 100-Scholar Program of the CAS ".They closely cooperate with each other, and form a very active research team, devoting themselves to the development of the Center and industrialization of biotechnology in our country.
With emphasis on research and development of new biomass resource to substitute traditional fossil resource, and the establishment of technology platform to systemically utilize biomass components by multi-technology, such as bio-reaction, specialist bio-reactor, bio-separation, chemical reaction, and chemical separation.
With emphasis on tackling the bottlenecks to the development of biomedical technology, such as cell culture, separation and purification, molecular modification, encapsulation of drug, to develop independently-established technology, and to establish key technology platform, thus providing a fast track for developing independently-established drugs.

Polysaccharide separation media

Polymer separation media

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