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  • Call for International Students in 2021 and Scholarships Information

    The admission application of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) in 2021 has started. UCAS accepts international students through over 20 UCAS faculties and over 100 institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). 

    Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) is one of the CAS institutes with Chemical Engineering and Technology as the major discipline. It is the leading institute for the discipline construction of Chemical Engineering and Technology in UCAS. Over the past 60 years, the scope of research has gradually expanded to the fields of energy chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, material chemical engineering, resources/environment engineering, etc., and the discipline direction has developed from "chemical metallurgy" to "process engineering". 

    The following is brief information about admission application.  

    1. Scholarship Information and Admission Process 

    1)   Scholarships 

    There’re 3 types of scholarships, including 1) The ANSO Scholarship for International Students (ANSO), 2) Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) and 3) UCAS Scholarship for International Students (UCAS, including full and partial scholarships). Please see the table below for abstract information about scholarships. For detailed information please see the links listed in the table. 

    40,000/year; tuition fee for one master student is RMB 30,000/year. 

    2)   Programs 

    Doctoral Programs 

    Doctoral programs commonly last for 3-4 years. Certificates of graduation and degrees will be awarded to those who have met the requirements of graduation and degree conferment. 

    Master’s Programs 

    Master’s programs commonly last for 3 years. Certificates of graduation and degrees will be awarded to those who have met the requirements of graduation and degree conferment. 

    UCAS Master’s programs are mainly instructed in Chinese or bilingual in Chinese and English, with only a few programs instructed in English, in which, IPE provides an English-Instructed Master’s Program in Chemical Engineering and Technology. 

    Visiting Students Programs 

    The schooling system for visiting students ranges from 1 semester to 2 years. A non-degree certificate of study can be awarded if the visiting student successfully finishes his/her study at UCAS. Official transcripts are also available upon request. 

    2. Application Time 

    The primary interview: Supervisors usually will organize the primary interview (one supervisor and one student, or several supervisors from the same research group and one student) before the application deadline (31 March 2021). 

    The secondary interview: During 1 April 2021 and 14 April 2021, IPE will organize an interview at institute level including all applicants who are approved by supervisors in the application system. The specific time and arrangement will be announced later via email.   

    3. Majors 

    IPE has the following majors for international students: 


    4. The MS leading to PhD program for UCAS students 

    Outstanding current UCAS master students who  

    - have completed the courses stipulated in the training plan and
    obtained the credits required for the MS leading to PhD program (the same as the requirements for the MS leading to PhD program of Chinese students), and
    - have passed the doctoral candidate qualification examination of International College with the approval of their supervisor,

    may apply for the MS leading to PhD program to Education Department, IPE in the second academic year. 

    The approval process usually takes place in June each year. Applicants are required to have obtained financial guarantee to study and live in China during the doctoral period. For those who pass the examination and get approval, the admission notice and other documents shall be issued, and they shall be registered as doctoral students from the next semester and officially transferred to the doctoral study. 

    Applicants should complete online application procedures for doctoral students (required) and relevant scholarship application procedures (if needed) in accordance with relevant regulations. Applicants can upload the certificate of passing the doctoral candidate qualification examination as the certificate of master’s degree to the application system. 

    5. Contact 

    For detailed information please see here.   

    Ms. Liao: 
    Education Department, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
    Note: The email sent by some mailboxes may be failed to receive. If you didn’t receive reply within 2 weeks, you may try to use other mailboxes.





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