Research Groups

  • Division of Clean Fuel Conversion

    Facing the major national strategic demands, the aim of the division is to accelerate research on the clean and efficient conversion of solid fuels (coal, biomass, oil shale, etc.), the resource utilization of urban and agricultural and forestry wastes, and basic research and technological development of catalytic conversion and pollutant control technology, as well as reactor design and exclusive instrument development.

    In 2020, the division has published 40 articles and applied for 21 invention patents. It has undertaken projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China, Major R&D project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Strategic Leading Science and Technology Project and Enterprise entrustment.

    A preliminary design of the engineering scheme of 60,000Nm3/h of high-temperature pyrolysis oil and gas dust removal has been completed, on the basis of operation results of 3000t/a coal pyrolysis on-line granular bed dust removal device, and the related national invention patent was authorized. In response to the problem of large consumption and serious pollution in the application of scattered coal, a multi-stage swirl-flow pyrolysis technology for preparing clean fuel has been developed to replace civil scattered coal and blast furnace injection coal. At present, the prepared solid clean fuel has been tested on a civilian decoupling combustion stove, and the emission concentration of gas pollutants (NO, SO2, CO) was lower than that of the emission standard, which provides a way to solve the problems in the application of scattered coal.

    A major breakthrough has been made in the preparation of spherical activated carbon. A polymer-based spherical activated carbon is obtained with black and shiny surface, large specific surface area, high sphericity and strength, excellent adsorption performance, using the synthesized polymer as raw material, through stabilization, carbonization in fluidized bed and activation technology. It can be utilized in the fields of chemical protection, blood purification, industrial catalysis and environmental protection, etc.

    The group has developed the catalyst products for flue gas purification with wide temperature of 200-400oC, and the cumulative sales of honeycomb catalyst products amounted to nearly 10,000m3. Over 90 sets of industrial equipment had been successfully built in cooperation with many companies. This achievement passed the experts appraisal to reach the international leading level, and won the first prize for technological invention award of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in 2020.

    A novel multi-scale discrete simulation methodology considering the real-time discretization and replacement of simulation element was developed. The proposed strategy overcomes the huge computational cost challenge when characterizing the mechanical response of explosives from its component grain scale and thus provides an innovative methodological solution to simulate the complicate mechanical-thermal-reaction coupling processes of explosive ignition.

    Fig.1 the design of high-temperature pyrolysis oil and gas dust removal of 60,000 Nm3/h

     Fig.2 Polymer-based spherical activated

    Fig. 3 Denitration catalyst production line and achievement certificate


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