Research Groups

  • Division of Environment Technology and Engineering

    The division of Environment Technology and Engineering focuses on the technology research and engineering demonstration of the pollutants recycling and the whole process control in industrial production.

    In 2020, one achievement won 1 item the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 item Special award and 4 item the first prize of provincial and ministerial level, 42 SCI papers has been published.

    1. Ultra-low emission control technology of multi-process multi-pollutant in iron and steel industry

    Based on source-process-end whole process control, breakthrough a series of core technologies such as countercurrent activated carbon integrated control, low temperature desulfurization and low temperature SCR denitration, etc. The work won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020.

    Fig.1 Demonstration project of ultra-low emission of sintering flue gas

    Fig.2 Activated carbon technology industrial platform for flue gas multi-pollutant collaborative control

    2. Short-range cycle and pollution control of used power batteries

    The problems of low metal recovery and pollution can not be solved by treating the end of lithium battery waste recycling, we focused on electronic waste recycling, a new process for cleaning and recycling valuable metals based on selective lithium extraction was developed, and the key technology and core equipment of wastewater acid-base regeneration and medium circulation process enhancement have been exploited. It won the first prize of environmental protection science and technology in 2020.

    Fig.3 Short-range utilization and pollution control engineering of lithium battery waste

    3. Interfacial enhanced advanced oxidation removal of organic pollutants

    The key technologies, such as free radical directed inhibition and in situ spectroscopic analysis have been developed and applied successfully in water pollution control. High efficiency catalyst was developed and large-scale production was realized, which effectively improved the production efficiency of reactive oxygen species. It won the first Prize of China Association for Analysis and Testing Award in 2020.

    Fig.4 1.2 million tons/year blue charcoal and 300,000 tons/year coal tar productionwastewater near zero discharge project


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