Research Groups

  • Division of Material and Environmental Engineering

    Focusing on the common scientific problems in the field of materials and environmental engineering, the research department of materials and environmental engineering innovates the structural control and reaction diffusion in the process of particle preparation to form large-scale preparation for energy, environment and engineering materials.

    In 2020, the research department has made new breakthroughs in both basic research and application fields, published more than 40 articles, authorized 40 invention patents, undertaken more than 10 projects such as national key R & D plan etc.

    The development of electrospark method for the universal and high-yield preparation of metal nano alloys with miscible system, immiscible system and high entropy nano alloys, which can improve the selectivity of CO formation (88% to 96%) (Angel. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 3073).

    In the field of engineering application, high emissivity coating and high temperature thermal barrier coating,  low melting point electrolyte for thermal battery have been applied and praised by users, which have served the major national strategic needs.

    In the field of energy application, high-performance and high nickel ternary precursor with stable operation has successfully transformed and built an annual 1000 ton high nickel ternary precursor demonstration line (Fig. 1), and won the second prize of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020.

    In the field of environmental applications, high-performance waterborne polymers and green coating materials have successfully developed and taken the leading application in rail transit, oil pipeline and other key industries (Fig. 2 and 3), and obtained rolling support from the 13th five year national key R & D plan.

    Fig. 1 Demonstration line of 1000t/a high nickel ternary precursor (Ma’anshan)

    Fig. 2 Application of green waterborne coating in oil pipeline

    Fig. 3 Application of green waterborne coating in rail transit


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